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Join Hive, the Global Community of CEOs, leaders and entrepreneurs from 125 countries who are working on creating a better world and living lives of purpose.

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At Hive, we educate, inspire, transform and build a community of leaders and entrepreneurs who are creating a more sustainable world.

We host the Hive Global Leaders Program and operate an ecosystem of companies designed to serve and transform purpose-driven leaders.

The Hive Global Leaders Program (GLP) is a 4-day world-class transformative program on leadership community, integrating elements of entrepreneurship, purpose, life design, wellness, authentic relating, personal development, and global systems thinking. Join Us


At the Hive Global Leaders Program, attendees spend time collaborating and learning from accomplished peers from around the world as well as experts in mission-aligned businesses, Silicon Valley technology, design thinking experts, social-changers, entrepreneurs, and rapid prototyping expert.

Participants will leave Hive inspired but also rooted in a new calm presence. They will feel grounded in new habits and new ways of living happy and healthy lives of gratitude and joy.


So far we have gathered in major cities and state in the world from Abuja, Berlin, Harvard, Montreal, Lagos, Lahore, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, and San Jose, all with the purpose of building the world’s most impactful community of leaders. We are here to lift each other up towards the creation of a happy, healthy and sustainable world.

Hive gives you the chance to reflect on where the world is going, how your dreams fit in, and how you can contribute to building a better society through your work…Join Us